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Formed by a group of enthusiasts and solar experts, BluGuard Solar Company is a leading solar panel installation company in Dallas.

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Are you tired of paying large sums of money? Are you hunting for a trusted source that supplies power to your house and is also cost-effective? The only effective way is to set up solar panels at your house. A solar panel may be put almost everywhere, including a house or other types of properties. However, you may need the services of a reliable company that would install solar panels for you.

Bluguard is a renowned solar installation company in Dallas, Texas. It is facilitating several regions of Dallas with its services for years.  The main goal of this company is to provide quality customer care via a cooperative effort, which includes everything from instructing the consumers about the advantages of solar panels installed inside their homes to addressing their relevant concerns.

We are responsible for developing all required components of solar panel system, its installation, operation and procedures.We would go out of the way in assisting our clients about the working and possible solutions in case of any damage.

Our qualified staff handle the whole process, from panel sales through designing and configuration. We acknowledge that solar panel installation is a considerable investment. The company assures you a lifelong partnership. 

We owe our success to the dedicated personnel and delighted consumers. The installation as well as the maintenance of the solar panels is so simple if you take our assistance. BluGuard is pleased to have serviced many residential and business clients since its establishment. We feel honored to contribute to a safer environment with our solar panel systems.

Solar Pool Pumps

If you are thinking about getting a solar pool pump, you’ve come to the right place. Solar pool pump is basically an electric pump that pumps water to your pool using DC electricity generated through solar panels.

Working of Solar Pool Pumps

Solar pool pumps are solar driven as well as battery driven (batteries are recharged using solar panels). Battery-powered devices are however costly and intricate, and they need significantly more care. The replacement of batteries is also an expensive process.not to mention the expense of battery replacement. The best option, which we shall explain here, is solar-directed pool pumps. The solar pool pumps relies solely on solar panels and it also needs a pump regulator to enhance pump output and offer safety measures.

BluGuard manufactures the most successful solar pool pump till today. The company produces high-quality brushless DC electric motor for a wide range of systems and claims to provide the best UL-listed pool pump in today’s market. It is also linked with a pump regulator. The system operates by joining many solar panels and coupling them with the regulator, which raises the power to enhance the pump output. Besides that, only components of the system are the solar panel protection coatings.

Advantages of Solar Pool Pumps

In addition to the apparent decrease in average power consumption, there are few other advantages and considerations that would make the solar pool pump setup worthwhile.

  • Save money on your monthly electricity bill
  • Receive 30% federal subsidy
  • Solar power devices are free from Malaysian State Sales Tax
  • Solar panels are also free from property tax assessment
  • Facilitates you in preventing potential electricity bill rises
  • You can run your pool pump following a storm if there is a power failure.

Why is it a Good Idea?

According to our experience, a multi-speed pump is much preferable. If you actually want to eliminate the pool pumping expenditures, we suggest pairing a multi-speed pump with a smaller grid-connected photovoltaic system (PV system). Although the initial expense may be higher, solar panels will provide power to the pool pump and will also provide electricity to you house if the pump is not working and the sun rays are hitting the panels. Such solar panels have the capacity to meet most of your power demands in future.

Solar powered pool pumps are far more practical in locations where the electricity bills are quite high and also where Time of Use (TOU) electricity billing schemes are applicable. When required, a standard AC pump should be included to address a few shortcomings of solar powered pool pumps.

This technique is also useful beyond the swimming pool setups. The solar direct pumps can make use of the water lifting technique. However, if you are raising water from underground to an uplifted reservoir for ultimate gravity utilization in agricultural or household applications, the time it takes is trivial if there is sufficient reserve and total supply to fulfill long-term needs.