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Battery Backups For Solar Systems

Sun power is what solar energy is. It is renewable energy that is plentiful as well. A solar battery stores the electricity generated by the solar panel to be consumed later. When solar batteries are installed with a solar panel system, the surplus energy is stored rather than sent back to the grid. 

A good solar battery system aims to make its consumer’s life better and save them from spending money unnecessarily.

In this article, we cover everything that you need to know about our solar batteries. So don’t stop here. Continue reading to find the amazing benefits and uncover truths about or solar products. We are sure you would be convinced that solar batteries are a worthy investment.

Battery Backups For Solar Systems

Before jumping into the debate of why do you need a backup battery for solar? And how will it benefit you? First, you need to learn what backup power is? Well, backup power is basically a system used to connect to the electric sources, generally to a solar panel o to an electric grid. The backup is to store excess power that can return to your home or buildings when you need it the most, mostly during a power outage.

So, for the solution to this problem, backup batteries or generators are designed with the core purpose of providing you a backup power supply. Solar energy batteries designed in today’s era are considered such intelligent energy management systems because they can enhance your home’s energy to enjoy the benefit of utility time-of-use use plans.

Why Is There A Need Of A Backup Battery?

A solar battery is a device that stores solar energy that is generated in the daytime for the further time when it is dark outside or when a power outage happens. In case of a power outage, the standard grid-tied solar PV (photoelectric array) will stop producing electric power.

For all the homeowners, this reason may be a shocking surprise to know, but this is just a safety measure that needs every grid-tied solar electric system to be powered off when a power outage is observed to protect the power line workers that are working on the power on again. So, connecting solar batteries along with solar arrays is a new approach yet an effective one.

Solar battery storage can help you seeking an advantage in 4 different ways.

  1. You can store solar energy for utilizing it later.
  2. You can significantly lessen your energy consumption expenses
  3. You can earn money by selling stored solar energy to the grid
  4. You can become independent from the grid

First of all, a solar battery can store the solar energy produced when the sun shines bright in the day and makes it already available for the usage of your home even in the non-production hours, like on extremely cloudy days or at night. Just with photovoltaic use, you can easily power the appliances of your home with renewable solar energy.

Additionally, solar battery backup aids in reducing the cost of energy consumption really significantly. Charge up the solar battery when there is sun emitting its power outside and releasing it during peak hours. You can save a lot by avoiding paying a lot of money for electricity to the utility company.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to earn money by selling the solar energy that is stored in your battery, especially when the prices of electricity are frequently raised (only and only if your energy provider allows and accepts the exporting of stored solar energy).

Lastly, with the addition of a solar battery backup in your solar system, you have an option to be independent of the national grid whenever you want, as a result of that ensures energy security for the household.

What Are The Types Of Bluguard Solar Batteries?

BluGuard Solar Company offers a variety of solar batteries to their customers. The types of batteries available at BluGuard are listed as follows:

MARINE/ RV SOLAR BATTERIESFor small systems, the best choice is marine solar batteries. These batteries are commonly used in boats or by owners of RV/. Since these batteries have a low capacity to provide service in continuity, they perform best when there isn’t any electricity generation of any other form of electricity.

Flooded Type Batteries

The lead-acid batteries are the flooded type batteries. These types of batteries have caps to add water. The flooded-type batteries are inexpensive.

Moreover, in comparison to marine solar batteries, flood-type batteries can last longer. When these batteries are charged, they emit gas. Thus, it is suggested that they are used for outdoor purposes. But, if flooded type batteries are installed indoors, then there must be a venting system available so that the gas produced is vented out, which could become toxic and explosive.

Gel Batteries

Unlike flooded-type batteries, the sealed gel batteries do not emit gases. For this reason, the venting system doesn’t need to be available all the time.

Since gel batteries do not produce gases, there is no risk associated with their indoors. This ultimately leads to the benefit of constant temperature indoors. Thus, the outcome is increased maintenance and better performance in contrast to the flooded type batteries.

Absorbed Glass Mat/ Agm Batteries

In AGM batteries, the plates’ empty spaces are filled with a glass mat that holds electrolytes. When AG batteries are charged, they do not produce gas, meaning they are risk-free and leak-proof. Furthermore, the Absorbed Glass Met batteries have better performance among all the types of solar batteries.

All the benefits of sealed gel batteries are present In the AGM batteries but in superior quality. In addition to this, the Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are advantageous because they have the ability to maintain voltage in a better way, they discharge on their own slowly, and they have a longer life span. Obviously, the AGM batteries’ many benefits do not indicate that these are expensive than the other types.

What Are The Pros Of Installing Bluguard Solar Batteries

Following are the benefits of installing our solar batteries:

  • REDUCE BILLS: It is known that solar panels and solar batteries help you reduce your monthly electricity bills. Instead of exporting the extra electricity, the solar batteries store it. 
  • USE WHEN NEEDED: One of the most noteworthy advantages of installing solar batteries is that they can be used according to the consumer’s need.
  • FREE FROM NOISE: Unlike generators that create noise, solar batteries do not contribute to noise pollution.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: With the installation of solar batteries, the carbon footprint of your home is reduced, which leads to less pollution and a greener environment.

How Long Do The Bluguard Solar Batteries Last?

On average, solar batteries with lead-acid last for 5 to 7.5 years. Simultaneously, solar batteries with lithium ions have an average lifespan of 11 to 15 years. Still, any battery can become weak if discharged overly or left exposed to harsh weather conditions.  

Considering this lifespan, the solar batteries need to be replaced multiple times for a solar panel that typically lasts for 15 to 30 years.

Are Bluguard Solar Batteries Budget Friendly?

The major factors contributing to the cost of a solar battery are the chemical materials used in its composition, battery life, capacity to store, and usage capacity.

If the consumer isn’t utilizing power during peak sunlight time, then a battery storage system is definitely a good choice. The solar batteries store the electricity during the daytime to be used by the consumer after dark.

Solar battery systems are a one-time investment, and the many advantages cover up the cost of solar batteries if utilized effectively.

The two most commonly used chemical materials in solar batteries are lead-acid and lithium-ion. The latter is the most common and budget-friendly battery. Lithium-ion batteries are more popular because their usage capacity is high, and they last longer than lead-acid batteries.