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Formed by a group of enthusiasts and solar experts, BluGuard Solar is a leading solar power provider in Plano, TX.

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Why Choose BluGuard Solar?

Since its foundation, the BluGuard Solar Company is proud to have served hundreds of residential and commercial customers. We are pleased that we have successfully helped our customers make the environment greener with the installation of solar panels. Here’s why you should choose our solar panel installation service because we are:

Experienced Solar Experts

The BluGuard Solar Company has been in the industry for years now. We are a team of value-driven and hardworking members who are focused on providing the best solar panel installation services. Our technicians are certified professionals who have successfully installed many solar panels in Texas for residential and commercial customers.

Committed To Your Success

At BluGuard Solar Company, our goal is to serve society by providing the best solar panel products and installation service offered at affordable rates with top-notch solar industry standards. We know our way in the industry because we are committed to making solar installation more straightforward and more accessible for everyone.

Nowadays, technology is growing fast, and we have seen a significant modification in the growing market. People are adapting modern-tech equipment and moving towards energy-efficient tools to upgrade their lifestyle. With the rapid advancements, several solar panel systems are available out there, and you might get confused about which one will be the right choice for you.

So, there is no need to worry about it and start searching a little bit yourself. You will have an idea of how you can enjoy the maximum benefit by solar paneling your home and start saving your money through this reliable energy source.


What Advantages Do Our Solar Customers Enjoy?

There are many advantages that the bluguard customers can enjoy. From delivering the trusted solar power installation services to educating their customer about the benefits of solar powers and the types of panels, our professionals do a lot of hard work to satisfy our customers.


BluGuard Solar Company is popular around Dallas mostly because of its satisfied customers. We are dedicated to forming a relationship of trust and honesty with our customers. That is why we believe in communicating and maintaining customer service at all costs.

Budget Friendly Installation Packages

One of the many benefits that our customers enjoy is that we deliver exceptional solar panel installation services and purchase experience while also letting them save a huge chunk of money.

Production Monitoring

We are in charge of the proper installing of the panels, so we make sure to monitor the production as well. After fulfilling the installation task, our experts monitor the working of the panels by supervising its power production procedures.

100% Guaranteed Premium Quality

BluGuard Solar Company is known widely in Dallas for its premium quality solar installation services. We provide the best warranty in Texas. That is, our products and services are guaranteed to be the best quality and customer friendly in the entire solar industry.

In-House Professionals

If you are interested in knowing more about our benefits or acquiring knowledge about the installation process, call us today. Our whole team of customer support would be glad to help you out throughout the process.

Our Solar Services

Our services are not limited to the residential areas, but we are the expert in delivering commercial services for larger projects. We are growing day by day, and we are expanding our services all over Dallas, TX. At BluGuard Solar Company, we offer the following services:

Solar Panel for Homes

If you are looking for a solar panel installation company in Texas, then you are at the right place. Ever since BluGuard Solar was founded, it has successfully installed hundreds of solar panels for residences. We are a local Texas-based solar panel installation company that aims to serve the homeowners with top-quality solar panel installation services.

Commercial & Residential Solar Panel Installation

We understand how important it is for businesses to have electricity so that there isn’t any delay in their important daily assignments. Therefore, we are determined to serve the commercial sector with solar panel services. In this way, the business would be able to save money as well.

Solar Batteries Backups & Solar Pool Pump Solutions

The weather in Texas keeps changing throughout the day. At one minute, it is sunny, and then the next it could turn all windy or rainy. If in case the grid fails, then a solar battery backup is all you need. Meaning that a power source would be available to provide electricity until there is light again.

We Value Our Customers

Companies in the business are focusing on winning the race to become the best in the industry. But we don’t participate in the competition. Instead, we emphasize our quality, and the center of our concentration is our customers. We know the importance of customer satisfaction. We understand how important it is for our customers to feel that their needs are being met.

At BluGuard Solar Company, our main goal is to serve our customers with the best solar installation experience while trusting our services. Years later, our commitment to providing our customers comfort and satisfaction still remains our basic motive. We aim to educate our customers on what’s best for their needs, which we believe is why we are a successful business in the market.

Professionals Solar Experts in Plano, TX

We believe in teamwork, and so we built teams with skilled professionals who have the expertise of installation processes of the solar panels. We hire specialists who have years of experience in the industry and are well-aware of the fieldwork. After hiring the staff, no matter how much experience they are, we make sure to provide our training to the teams to be aware of the latest tools and technologies that we are going to use in the installation process.

Make them familiar with the newest strategies and implement smart working approaches to fulfill customer demand. The staff is trained in the handling of the equipment under the supervision of experts and professionals.

Make A Smart Decision By Investing In Solar Power Systems In Texas

Being the most significant and widely known solar panel installation company in Texas, BluGuard Solar Company is proficient in helping its customers go solar most easily and cheaply. The process from lease to buying off the BluGuard solar panel for your home or business, accompanied by batteries or not, allows you to generate and store renewable, safe, and clean energy.

With so many advantages of solar energy, any homeowner or a commercial building must opt for this latest, energy-efficient technology. Not only this, it is a one-0time investment that results in long-term benefits, you can save, and you can earn as well. Another plus point of switching towards solar panels is that they do not require heavy maintenance. All you have to do is to clean the panels once in a while. Isn’t this a smart approach? Don’t wait any longer and step forward to a smart lifestyle.


So, now after having an overview of our services, you have understood why you should opt for BluGuard solar services and how we can fulfill your expectations. Our years of experience and the successful history of the larger solar project installation made it clear up to you that we are connected with this industry for many years.

The people of Dallas has been availing of our service for years, and we make sure to provide our exceptional commercial and residential services in every part of DFW area. So, don’t wait any longer. Adopt the smart approach to power your home and buildings and save more and more. Trust us and let us help you in providing the best commercial and residential services. Call us now and book your slots online without stepping outside of your home.